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3 min readSep 7, 2022


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Are you tired of complex finance operations and disconnected accounting systems? Do you loathe the lack of visibility into your businesses spend, across the board? What if you could automate policies, integrate systems, and enable full visibility for your Finance team?

You can… with Teampay.

Bonus: Andrew Hoag,

We started Teampay with a really simple premise: It’s one place for anyone to buy anything regardless of how they’re paying.

Teampay is the first purchasing software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. Teampay’s products make it possible for companies to request, approve and track expenditures in real-time.

Approve purchases before they

Control your spend and eliminate surprises with automated, policy-enforcing purchase workflows that collect approvals before a single dollar is spent.

Deliver an effortless employee

It’s so intuitive, they actually want to use it. Teampay integrates with your team’s chat tools and gets employees what they need, when they need it — promoting easy adoption company-wide.

Automate your routine

Put more of your brain power into driving business decisions. Let the software issue secure payment methods, reconcile purchases, create on-demand reports and handle your repetitive work for you.

Maximize productivity

Centralize all purchasing processes in one place. Minimize confusion and miscommunication. Make spending straightforward and seamless.

Track your spend in real

Drive company impact by making up-to-the-minute analytics accessible to everyone. Deliver transparent, accurate reporting, any day of the month.

With all of these features, you no longer have to worry about red tape or awkward conversations with employees about missed deadlines, expense reports or out-of-policy spend; strengthening relationships with vendors, employees and management teams.

Integrate with what you already use

Connect Teampay with the tools you and your teams already use throughout the spend process — and manage everything from one place. Key categories of integrations include accounting systems, HRIS, Identity Management, and Banking & Credit.

Interested in learning more?

Reach out to the team over at Teampay, by requesting a demo of their platform today.



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