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5 min readMay 5, 2022

Now it’s time for the April showers! And this newsletter will be showering you with amazing episodes of the Code Story podcast. Enjoy.

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E13: Alexander Luksidadi, Rose
Alexander and his co-founder attempted to build a business in the freight and logistics space, which ultimately failed. But they saw a lot more opportunity in the space, and set some goals for themselves to get funding, or get into Y Combinator. They started by building strictly broker software.

Bonus: Liran Haimovitch,
Just over 5 years ago, Liran and his co-founder realized that everytime you need to change the way you observe or log your application, you have to fully release that application. They applied their cyber security way of thinking, and built a platform to enable the instant change to loging and observability.

Bonus: Roy Ng,
Roy connected with his a college friend, and now co-founder, to discuss his experience at SoFi. What they realized was that developers are having to build the “plumbing” of financial products over and over again, because there isn’t a developer platform to enable them to focus on their end products.

Bonus: Dan Langevin,
Dan and his co-founder started out building credentialing software, a sort of deep background check on Doctors. In creating a way to scrape & pull in accepted insurance, they recognized a broader need for data to be more fluid in the space. It became obvious that a company needed to solve this problem for the space.

E14: Joe Pettersson,
In January 2020, Joe joined his current venture prior to raising a seed round. Having gotten regulated in the UK, they were ready to deploy the first product and find their market fit. And in doing so, he went about optimizing team, process, and built a platform strategically ready for change — in the payment space.

Bonus: Aaron Bromberg,
Aaron put together a dream team of Neuro scientists to execute a sleep study lab for 3 years. After that time, what they realized was that with a short brain stimulation session before bedtime, they can drastically improve the time it takes to go to sleep, and the entire sleep time itself.

Bonus: Marin Smiljanic,
During his Amazon years, Marin was hitting a few problems on a regular basis, having to sift through dense training content on a daily basis. And the training format was all over the map — video, audio, text, etc. After brainstorming with his now cofounder, they decided to build an MVP, starting with an API.

Bonus: Todd Larsen, Tech
Having gained fantastic experience in advertising space, at Groupon, and then at Digit, he learned how to execute on longer term initiatives, but balanced with fast delivery on top of a strong foundation. All of this experience was hard fought, and as he started consulting, he thought… how can I scale myself?

E15: Itiel Schwartz,
In spending a lot of time in the infrastructure world, he found out that in the world of DevOps troubleshooting, there is a lot of chaos to sift through. He thought it would be amazing to build a tool to impact Kubernetes, and the entire infra ecosystem.

Bonus: Jack Naglieri, Panther
Jack was working as an incident responder previously, and during that time, he figured out that AI based models for breach detection don’t work as well as intuitive humans, as often times there isn’t enough signal for them. Along with using antiquated sets of data, he decided that there must be a way to leverage the cloud and build a solution to solve the pain points within this process.

Bonus: Lars Grønnegaard,
Prior to his current venture, Lars was primarily a product guy. And in running product, he cared deeply about the impact that strategic business moves made on the business. He also saw that claiming revenue was less empirical, creating human error and bias.



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