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6 min readJul 22, 2022


June was NUTS… and July much more. Summer busy-ness leads to delays in podcast newsletter. Enjoy the episodes.

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Bonus: Maria Meier, Phantasma
In her words, the way she started her current venture is kind of unusual. Formerly a backend engineer, she got restless and figured she was as intelligent as other founders she was observing. Through an accelerator, she met her co-founder and built learning models to illustrate how pedestrians act in traffic.

Notifications North Star — Stephanie Griffith, Email & SMS
Stephanie Griffith is an email and SMS marketing expert, and a marketing strategy consultant. She is a startup founder, and has been involved with big names like Drip, Thinkful, Bed Bath & Beyond and more. She is also the host of the Conversational Commerce podcast.

E24: Matt Young,
In 2015, Matt joined his current venture as the VP of Engineering. At the time he was hired, the company was trying to press into the enterprise space, and in order to do that, the company needed some organization and some process put into place.

Bonus: Tyler Rohrer,
With the onslaught of the pandemic and the rise of remote work, Tyler reached out to a former customer to run an idea by them. His idea was around a cloud platform to support remote users. The blunt feedback from the customer was that the idea was terrible… if the users couldn’t be secured.

Bonus: Andrew Salvadore,
Andrew Salvadore is a father of 2 young boys, and when he is not working, they fill up his schedule. He and his boys live half an hour from the forest, so

Notifications North Star — Troy Goode,
Notifications North Star, sponsored by Courier! Troy Goode is the Co-founder & CEO of Courier. He is a multi startup veteran, a Y Combinator veteran, and was a prior guest on the Code Story podcast, in Season 4.

E23: Franzi Low,
When COVID hit the world, and the topic of global mobility was pushed into view. Franzi, along with her co-founders, used to live abroad, and experienced the lack of support when moving to a new area and settling in. They wanted to come up with a solution to help people during this relocation process.

Bonus: Shaunak Roy,
Throughout his life, Shaunak has always been fascinated by learning. When looking into building his own startup, he noticed that there wasn’t a learning platform built around the mechanics of social media, and community.

Notifications North Star — Vatasha White,
Notifications North Star, sponsored by Courier. Vatasha White is a Senior Software Engineer at Courier. Previoulsy, she built software at Lacework, LaunchDarkly and GE Digital. She is a graduate of Smith College in 2015.

E22: Matt Provo,
While building a platform surrounding HVAC software, Matt and his team ran into some challenges around the diversity of their implementations. When they lifted & shifted to Kubernetes, they unlocked the problem around resource scaling that their current solution targets today.

Bonus: Temilola Adebayo,
Temilola and her co-founder set out to create tools to not only make the immigration process easier, but to provide immigrants with the tools and people to support them through the process.

Bonus: Christine Spang,
Christine was working for a startup that ended up being sold to Oracle. At that point, she was considering what was next for her. The timing was fortuitous, as her friend from MIT was starting up something around extracting information from email.

Notifications North Star — Patrick Malatack, Matrix
Notifications North Star, sponsored by Courier! Patrick Malatack is a partner at Matrix Partners, early stage investment firm. Prior to that, he spent 7 years at Twilio, leading product and launching messaging. He also spent 4 years at Microsoft, managing the MS Project program.

E21: Douwe Maan,
Douwe Maan started programming when he was 9 years old, and grew up with his Dad pushing Linux on him over Windows. He was raised in the Netherlands,

Bonus: Jon Dahl,
While he was running his dev shop, Jon took on a project that required him to build a video transcoder. Although this was a hard problem to solve, he learned a lot and this served as the catalyst for him to pursue building the product that he wished he could have bought while dev’ing this project.

Notifications North Star — Eric Koslow,
Notifications North Star, sponsored by Courier. Eric Koslow is the Co-founder of Lattice, the people success platform. Prior to Lattice, he spent time engineering at TeeSpring, and now he is building a new venture called VStream.



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