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6 min readDec 19, 2022


So you may have noticed that I missed the September newsletter… along with October. Whoops! Its been a busy time. BUT…. I didn’t miss November! Enjoy the fantastics guest.

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E11: Benjamin Wilms,
As Ben learned about the tools on the market, he realized that to get the tool in production, it required him to understand all the codebases test coverage, without knowledge of SRE. He released on open source project, and his approach got picked up by big name enterprises.

Bonus: Kateryna Sytnyk, Fract & CTO
For her prior startup, Kateryna utilized her background in applied math, combined with her co-founder’s experience in the space, to create a way to optimize territory creation — for franchises, sales teams, etc. and predict revenue for said territories. When she moved on from that gig, she started a new thing — one that would enable women founders to build technical solutions.

Bonus: Mike Malone,
Mike’s career has tracked along side the development of the cloud. He witnessed the security problems alongside distributed systems, and felt the pains of having to manage sensitive information. He and his team saw an opportunity here, and set out to fix the problem.

E12: Roi Ravhon,
In his previous role at, Roi and his team spent large sums of money for cloud providers and services. The finance team quickly got wind of these costs, and started asking questions, appropriately. Roi found out that he didn’t have answers to the questions, and there wasn’t tooling out there that helped him.

Bonus: Shaheeb Roshan,
Collectively, Shaheed and his co-founders had 10 years of experience supporting the employee benefits insurance space. On a regular basis, they observed the manual creation, editing and lack observability in the processes — aka, the lack of modern tooling to support the industry. They made the decision and committed to changing the face of the industry.

Bonus: Shawn Ramirez,
Shawn tells the story of how her current venture started out as a dating service, but pivoted when the pandemic hit to positive events for remote teams. Being on one of those remote teams and consuming the events, she fell in love with the idea and joined the team, to build and deliver shared experiences with powerful insights

E13: Krish Ramineni,
Krish went through meetings like we all do — conducting a meeting with expensive team members, and then forgetting most of the conversation afterwards. He decided he wanted to figure out a way to remember every conversation he had, and unlock the hidden metrics behind meetings.

Bonus: Michael Zuercher,
In his prior company, Michael built numerous amount of productized integrations across his platform and thousands of customers. No matter their state of growth, these integrations were always a significant challenge. After selling the company in 2018, he decided to build the thing he wished he had back then.

Nick Donofrio — If Nothing Changes, Nothing
Nick is the co-author of the book “If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes”. The book is a powerful testimony to our ability as human beings to drive transformation — not just within tech, but across generations.

E14: Olga Stern, Tangy
Olga’s co-founder has a PhD in financial flows, specifically for the music industry. She decided to pursue the democratization of music rights, and creating a new assets for anyone to invest in. Olga joined her, and starting building out what would become their mobile app.

Bonus: Juan Soberanis,
Juan has been working with startups for quite some time. At one point in his career, he became a contractor doing mobile development. Through a number of contracts with a specific investor, Juan found himself as the CTO of a startup, pitching an idea for what his current venture would become.

Bonus: Rob Moore,
Rob previously built a product called Waave. When their customer acquisition couldn’t keep up with churn, they started building tools to help them figure out what was going on. They focused on a cancellation flow, and spent 6 months perfecting a tool that helped them fix their churn problem.

E15: Jeff Grass, Hungry
Jeff’s current venture started out as a tech-enabled platform for office and event catering, which connected their users to incredible chef entrepreneurs. Fast forward, they are now a national platform for top chef-made food production and delivery services, that includes much, much more.

Bonus: Satish Jayanthi,
Prior to his current venture, Satish was building data warehouses for different businesses and firms in the industry. He saw first hand how hard it was to bring a bunch of data sources all together, and have them be compatible in a single source. He decided to set out and solve the problem, by bringing a modern approach to the space, paired with automations.



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