Code Story Review — July 2020

Code Story Podcast
4 min readSep 30, 2020


Welcome to the July issue of the Code Story Review! We had a stellar month of interviews, finishing up some bonus content in Season 2 and starting in on Season 3. Also, thanks to our listener support, we were nominated for the Podcast Awards, and made the final slate! Big time thank you!

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Code Story — E2: Dave Zohrob,
Dave Zohrob has been a podcast listener for a long time, but never really thought about what was under the hood. After considering a few different avenues, including yet another podcast app, they decided to focus on podcast analytics — some might say the app annie for podcasting. This is the creation story of Chartable.

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Code Story — Bonus: Andrew Smith,
Andrew Smith has always thought the largest business opportunity and moral obligation is the commercialization of environmental technologies. Taking a look at the 10 billion tons of freight that is shipped annually.. in the US alone… his perspective was solidified. This is the creation story of Outrider.

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Code Story — E1: Cole Raven,
Cole Raven and his team figured out that podcast episode discovery is downright terrible. There is no IMDB for podcasts. After some community polling and volunteer participation from a team in Australia, they set out to build Podchaser — which is your source for podcast discovery.

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Code Story — Season 3 —
Coming soon… we will be releasing Season 3 of the Code Story podcast. With 2 seasons under our belt, we’ve dialed into the founder tidbits that you want to hear most. And, we are going to take a few new approaches to how we shape those conversations, produce those episodes, and bring your favorite show to life.

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Code Story — REPLAY — E7: Ryan Graciano, Credit
Early on in his life, Ryan Graciano aspired to be many things — law, writing… and eventually coding, of course. Fun fact, he is an accomplished dog trainer. focusing on animal behavior modification — and more recently, has gotten into powerlifting. Despite his love of analog activities, he got started coding right after college, and tried to avoid joining IBM… yet, still did, through an acquisition. After a few years of growth, he met a group of entrepreneurs who had an idea to provide credit scores to millions of users… for free. This idea would eventually become Credit Karma.

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Code Story — Bonus: InnovaBuzz
Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jürgen Strauss on the InnovaBuzz podcast, to talk about: How to have your team OWN and run your projects, getting in touch with who you are, then owning it and rocking it and how to get new ideas and solve problems by walking away from them for a while.



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Code Story Podcast

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