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3 min readJul 15, 2022


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Let’s face it, most documentation systems are broken, leading to incomplete, outdated, and hard to find docs. As a result, scaling your product or your team takes enormous effort.

Swimm aims to change all that.

Bonus: Omer Rosenbaum,
Despite the skill level of engineers these days, Omer found that the onboarding processes of many companies were too costly. After discussing this issue with many end users, they confirmed that the world of knowledge sharing was broken… and they wanted to fix it.

Swimm — built for and designed by developers — is on a mission to change the way developers share knowledge. Swimm’s platform can be set-up in minutes and gives engineering teams usable, discoverable, and auto-synced documentation. All without interrupting their regular workflow.

With Swimm, developers can:

Create new, cope-coupled, auto-synced docs in just a few

With Swimm, it’s incredibly easy to get started with documentation. Developers have access to code-walkthroughs and docs from PRs, code snippets, and templates. Plus, Swimm’s code-coupled editor is language agnostic.

Keep docs synced to the codebase seamlessly with Live

Swimm docs are never out-of-date, even when your codebase changes. Developers can use our GitHub integration and auto-sync algorithm to keep docs up-to-date as the code evolves, even through refactoring and reorganization. When docs are out-of-date, Swimm keeps you notified. (Note: currently Swimm supports GitHub only).

Access docs in the IDE, the moment they’re needed. No more context

Swimm doesn’t interrupt the developer’s flow. With VS Code and JetBrains integrations, developers can access docs the moment they need them, right in their IDE. Plus, Swimm docs are in Markdown! Developers can also use Swimm to search the entire codebase with ease.

Make onboarding and knowledge sharing a

Swimm makes onboarding, standardizing your documentation, and centralizing know-how easy and painless for your team. All teammates benefit from Swimm Playlists, which are collections of code-coupled docs and external links. New hires use them to dive right in and make onboarding a breeze; more seasoned team members rely on them to tackle a code refactor or work on a part of the code base they’re less familiar with.

Join the Swimm Team on Slack!

Join the Swimm Team on Slack! We’re excited to chat with our beta users to share best practices, answer questions, and share product updates.



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