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3 min readAug 24, 2022


This episode is sponsored by Cloaked.

In a world of online solutions, your personal information is frequently asked for in setting up accounts, or configuring your profiles. What if you didn’t have to give them your personal information?

Well, now you don’t have to… with Cloaked.

Bonus: Arjun Bhatnagar,

Arjun decided to build a solution that ensured that your personal data didn’t need to be shared on the internet.

Cloaked eliminates the pressure you feel when asked to share personal info online and in-person. Every time you need to share personal info, Cloaked lets you instantly generate real working phone numbers, email addresses, and passwords.

Their mission is to bring humanity to the internet, and they believe that as individuals, our privacy deserves respect. Cloaked data will always be yours. Each individual’s data is separated and secured on personalized, encrypted databases.

Forwarding, Muting & Pairing

Messages can live in Cloaked or your inbox — you decide. Auto-mute people and companies. Your unique info can be paired, and not used by others.

Creating accounts never felt so

There’s nothing for you to remember. Cloaked makes logins and access to all your secure accounts and messages, easy. We go beyond a password manager.

Available for iOS, Android & Chrome

Cloaked works in-person, too. Whether you’re meeting someone new or joining a rewards program, instantly share new numbers and emails.

Explore freely online.

Look for the cloaked icon in any form field to know you can generate cloaked information.

Easy access to your

Use the web dashboard to view messages, adjust settings, and prioritize contact controls.

Actively in Beta!

Sign up on their website for the waitlist and gain early access perks to their product.



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