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2 min readJul 19, 2022


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Verituity is transforming the world of payouts by making first-time and on-time verified payouts and intelligent payment choice an industry standard.

The two-year-old fintech works with Fortune 500 banks and insurance companies to modernize payouts, lower cost, mitigate risk, introduce choice, and increase satisfaction for the payer and the payee.

Verituity’s all-in-one, cloud-based verified payouts platform automates and simplifies payee engagement, provides payout choice, and handles everything for payers like compliance, all while reducing risk and cost. Their white-labeled platform is built to revolutionize payouts through:

Holistic Verification™

  • Analyzes and validates all aspects of a transaction and its relationships.

Intelligent Pay-by-Anything

  • Automatically offers the payee the right payment type based on the payer’s preferences, payment threshold, and policies.
  • Currently supporting ACH, wire, RTP®, push-to-card, virtual card, prepaid card, Zelle®, Paypal, check, and crypto.


  • Verituity ingests and transforms multiple file formats into a digital payment instruction. Just send your check file and Verituity will handle the rest.
  • Payers connect via Open API, SFTP, web interface or bank treasury platform and can send batch files, individual records (payouts), or a data stream.

Handle Everything

  • Provides end-to-end policy-driven automation of verification, payment choice, payout processing, and reconciliation.
  • Additionally, Verituity handles PII and PCI collection, management, and compliance

President & CEO, Ben Turner

Interview: Ben Turner,

Ben Turner founded Verituity with the goal of modernizing digital payouts and enabling first-time and on-time verified payouts with intelligent pay-by-anything.

CEO Ben Turner founded Verituity with the goal of making first-time and on-time verified payouts and intelligent pay-by-anything an industry standard. He believes that having the right people beside you can make all the difference. At Verituity, Ben has built a culture that encourages people to collaborate and feel connected to the business.

His advice to other entrepreneurs just starting out is to go out and talk to your potential customers, learn what their problems are, and then make sure your product offers a valuable and viable solution.

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