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Are you a SysAdmin who’s found yourself trying to support your enterprise’s end users, but unable to do so remotely, in a quick and effective way? Are you tired of looking at RMM systems that have a poorly designed UI/UX?

Well… you’re in luck.

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Remotely is a remote monitoring, management, and security platform that can assess, detect, and remediate vulnerabilities from a unified dashboard. The solution helps remote enterprise teams to monitor, manage, and protect distributed users.

Remotely RMM is remote monitoring, management, and security platform that can assess, detect, and remediate distributed users from a unified dashboard through their security scoring and direct integration with MS Azure.

Remote Management & Monitoring
Remotely RMM is remote monitoring and management software that helps system administrators monitor their organization.

Security Scoring &
Remotely product provides security posture focused solution to supporting edge devices.

MS Azure-native &

Remotely RMM is an azure native remote monitoring and management system that is easily installed with azure services.

And that’s not all… Remotely includes the greatest hits collection of IT’s favorite tools, allowing SysAdmin’s to deliver productivity no matter how, when, and where your end users work.

Ample Resources for your Team

New to RMM? Get an introduction from the company, walking you through all things related to remote management & monitoring. You can find tons of resources on Remotely’s website. For instance, check out their Methodology Solution Brief, or take their totally free Security Risk Calculator.

Finally, hear from their team members on the industry at large, and how Remotely is equipping and enabling the remote SysAdmin. Checkout the one below, reporting on end user challenges.

About the Founder

In the summer of 2021, CEO Tyler Rohrer founded Remotely. Tyler’s vision was to create a solution that helps the modern enterprise workforce to provide network security and visibility to IT Administrators. Being a thought leader in the industry, Tyler identified that there wasn’t an Azure-native solution on the market.

Bonus: Tyler Rohrer,

With the onslaught of the pandemic and the rise of remote work, Tyler reached out to a former customer to run an idea by them. His idea was around a cloud platform to support remote users. The blunt feedback from the customer was that the idea was terrible… if the users couldn’t be secured.

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